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October 20, 2008

Save the Words!

Filed under: Words — Wendy Sullivan @ 12:22 pm

I read this funny post yesterday, on the extinction of words from the vernacular. It’s funny, when we’re a society that puts so much emphasis on saving every little bit of mold from extinction that we would let parts of our language fall away.

Here are some of the words.

Compossible: Possible in coexistence with something else

Embrangle: To confuse or entangle

Exuviate: To shed (a skin or similar outer covering)

Fatidical: Prophetic

Fubsy: Short and stout; squat

Griseous: Streaked or mixed with grey; somewhat grey

Malison: A curse

Mansuetude: Gentleness or mildness

Muliebrity: The condition of being a woman

Niddering: Cowardly

Can you help save them? I think I can work niddering into a few conversations. C’mon people – pick a word and save it!


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